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Blogger Recognition Award

I’m grateful and overjoyed that I’ve been nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award by Writeful Mind authored by Carol who is also the Founder of Café Blog in Facebook. I highly recommend you to visit her site for she has lots of useful information and ideas that could help grow your blog to another level.

On a sidenote, I would like to apologize to Carol for the delayed response but nevertheless, this nomination has never been overlooked nor ignored. It just came to me where life got in the way and at a crossroad where I need to make some life changes and decisions given the circumstances.

The rules for accepting this award:

  1. Link back to the blog of the person who nominated you
  2. Tell how your blog got started
  3. Give advice to new bloggers
  4. Nominate 15 bloggers and their blogs for the award


2. My blog first started when I took blogging 101 course from WordPress. It gradually took form and shape and got some likers and followers along the way. I then went on to enroll in other courses to improve my writing skills and share my Christian faith to the whole world.

Having a blog was a good decision for I learned new information and gathered some helpful ideas that I’ve used in my blog and personal life as well. Knowing other wonderful bloggers and writers and being a part of the blogging community was also one of the benefits that can’t be paralleled for I am not limited to my own community but can be connected to any person in any part of the world.

3a. My advice to new bloggers is to write on topics that they’re passionate about and not to be worried about the teeny weeny details of it yet for it will come naturally as you grow along with your blog.

3b. If there is an area that you are knowledgeable about, share your expertise and knowledge with others for each of us are gifted with different talents for others’ benefit and not for our own use only. We are all channels of blessings and not reservoirs where resources and talents get spoiled and stagnant.

3c. Blogging like all other professions are constantly improving/changing. Don’t be afraid of change for that is where life gets interesting and where you get to know yourself more as to its limits and capabilities. Embrace change no matter how difficult for this is inevitable and go through uncharted territories with grace and God’s help and guidance.

My nominations for this award are as follows in no particular order:

  1. Energize Your Thoughts – Richard Cross
  2. Cathy Lynn Brooks – Cathy Lynn
  3. Health from one Heart to another – Maria Holm
  4. Drawing With Pastels – JanD
  5. Sarah’s Attic of Treasures – Debbie Sue
  6. The Totally Serious, Absolutely Professional Blog – Ditrie Marie Bowie
  7. Teacup Talk – Teacup Talk
  8. MLou’s Photography Blog – MLou
  9. University Life – Grace
  10. Life: An Unpredictable Journey – Danielle Duberry
  11. The Ninth Life – K. L Register
  12. WritingBlissfully – WritingBlissfully
  13. L Jones Edition – Lauren
  14. Kelli Blogs – Kelli
  15. The Hood – MLJ Photos –  Megan

I highly recommend you to visit those blogs. You will be missing out on something valuable if you don’t. As always, I appreciate your time and input.

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