God’s Gift to Everyone this Christmas Season

24 Dec


It’s Christmas once again and yes, gift giving and receiving  is the norm but do you know the real meaning and essence of Christmas and why we celebrate it?

If you look at the word Christmas, the basic root word and most important word is Christ and without Him, we wouldn’t have anything to celebrate about every year.

Over 2,000 years ago, Christ came to earth as a babe to fulfill God’s will and mission which was to save all mankind from the penalty of sin which is death and eternal separation from Him by offering Himself as the perfect and living sacrifice for everyone. Christ came not only for the few or the elect but for everyone on earth and it is up to you to accept His offer of salvation. This is a free gift that is totally yours for the taking.

Christ endured the most excruciating death anyone could experience so you could have an abundant life here and with him in heaven. He didn’t overthrow the Romans to save the Jews from its cruel grasp but had a much greater plan which was for everyone born during his time and beyond.

Christ, who is the celebrant of the Christmas season gave His all – everything with no holds barred. This was done solely for you even if you are the only human being on earth. Do you realize how precious you are in His sight? He will do anything, give everything up even to the point of death just so you can live with Him for eternity. This was God’s plan from the very beginning and Christ was the one who executed it and the Holy Spirit will seal you once you accept His offer of salvation. The 3 persons in the Godhead (Trinity) already did His part and now it’s time to do your part. Don’t delay for the decision lies solely on you and if the time comes that you are at the end of your life and meet the Lord as your judge, I fervently hope that He will welcome you into His heavenly kingdom and not otherwise.

Jesus, the greatest gift of all time and how do you show your appreciation for that gift?

The best gift that you can show in return is to accept Jesus as the Savior and  Lord of your life.

I hope your life story will end well by making the best decision this Christmas season and have the very best Merry Christmas today and forevermore.


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