20 Jul

I’m going to share with you my love life. This is a relationship that involved a lot of pursuing, dedication and a planned love relationship that existed before I even knew myself.

It all began before I ever existed. My father has already arranged everything for me and waited for the exact, right time. I must say, that my lover has been patiently pursuing me while my eyes were more fixed on other  suitors. Before I go any further, I would like to give you a brief description of my other suitors. One, is always dazzling and knows how to dress, style and always in-step with the times. The other is more laid back but can accompany me in times of despair and loneliness. This other suitor that has been pre-arranged for me is more like a long-distance relationship. We were only given descriptions about each other but never had a face-to-face encounter. This suitor is quite different for he likes to write and would use other people to communicate his thoughts and feelings for me. Sometimes, he would bring his emissary to bring some messages for me and would send his bodyguards to keep me safe from harm. I’m quite amazed about his style, it’s a little orthodox and old-style but still works every time. Oh by the way, my father said, that this suitor is quite extraordinary and very wealthy as well. So okay, I’ll just keep up with this since this guy must be pre-occupied with a lot of things considering that he is affluent so he must be running a lot of business endeavors.


He gave me a love letter once with a red ribbon attached to it as a sign for his great love and devotion for me. His letter gave me a good glimpse about his character and personality. It was quite different and it being amazing and extraordinary is an understatement. Anyways, his letter contained his family’s history, stories from different time zones, poems, promises, his personal diary and reflections and prophecy. I couldn’t understand his letter most especially when he talks about the future as if he already knows what is going to happen but he wrote it as if its history in advance. How can he know these things? Does he have some resources that I don’t have? His letter has piqued my curiosity and as I read into his letter more, I found out that it is more like a mirror of myself. Sometimes I wonder if my suitor is telling me something about me that I could never discover on my own.

I have also discovered, that every time I read his love letter, that he somehow speaks to me in a gentle, kind voice. His letter is divided into the old and the new and a compilation of 66 books from the writings of people from different walks of life which spanned thousands of generations. Through his letter, I’ve become more involved and in love and he promised me that he will be coming soon and take me to his mansion. I cling to his every word, for he is the kind of man that would never break his promises and someone that could be relied on for generations to come.

By now, I think you know who my suitor is, was actually, for I’m already His and just waiting for the moment when He will come and take me as His Bride. If some of you are still clueless who my mystery man is, His name is Jesus Christ and I’m in love with him with such great passion that everything else pales in comparison.


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